Shira Psychic Medium Long Island NY Readings_4 Considering a reading with Shira Psychic Medium, but just not sure yet… why not read through some of these real life testimonials from people who have had a reading with Shira after the loss of loved ones. The only difference, they’ve had the opportunity to connect through Shira.
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by Cathleen on Shira Psychic Medium
An amazing messenger who is genuine

Shira did a wonderful job speaking on behalf of my deceased mother and many others who left this world. I must say after the messages she relayed, I knew my mom is here and listening. Shira also helped me find a book I was certain I threw away months ago, but was able to help me locate it. She also discussed current and future situations which helped guide me in the right direction. For anyone looking to connect with a loved one and / or their future, I would advise her. I also believe she can be a great teacher and writer for those interested in expanding their own intuition and knowledge.

by Michael on Shira Psychic Medium
Great experience!

I just finished my first reading with Shira, and I was really impressed with the detail that she was able to provide. There was so much information packed into the 30 minute session, I could hardly keep up! I wished that I had scheduled a longer session, so I signed up for another reading right away!

by George Koury on Shira Psychic Medium
Thank you for an amazing reading!

Shira is a truly wonderful Psychic Medium. She went immediately into the heart of issues I was concerned with and gave me information and insights that we clear, and right on point. Her connection with the spirit world is amazing. Thank you Shira!

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Just wanted to say thank you! I won't lie I was a little skeptical, emotional, nervous, and hopefully at the same time. I think we all felt like that because we were scared of being disappointed. I could not have even hoped for what you did, it surpassed anything that we would have even wished for. You were so detailed with your information and we really felt connected to you and our loved ones. It was truly amazing! I feel that the spirit world is truly around us and I also feel a sense of healing. I was able to sleep last night in a way that I haven't been able to since my mom had gotten sick. Thank you again and look forward to seeing you again in the future.Thanks again,Jose

by Joann LoTruglio on Shira Psychic Medium
You have touched my heart in so many ways

Shira , I just watched the women empowerment video, again I need to Thank You for opening my mind and my heart. You were the person who has given me my push to be who I am today, I never felt I would be opening my heart. You have given me opportunities to learn and open myself up . I now start every day knowing my heart will guide me, my heart will give someone the simple smile they needed at that moment, and the smiles back are amazing . It's the little thing I never noticed that get me through my day. Since meeting you I know I am blessed with abundance that I never knew was there, the small stuff. Again just wanted to thank you and thank Jaquline for putting this video together .. Love and light my Angel on Earth . Joann

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