Nawlins Seafood Company – Messages From Heaven

Join Shira Psychic Medium as she delivers Messages From Heaven LIVE at Nawlins Seafood Company of Freeport. This will be an amazing evening filled with heartfelt & spirited connections with the other side.  Enjoy a New Orleans Themed Menu. Come join us and experience the difference with Shira.

shira psychic medium Nawlins Seafood Company Long Island Restaurant


Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Nawlins Seafood Company
301 Woodcleft Avenue
Freeport, NY 

7:00 PM (Dinner begins), Shira begins after dinner is complete.

$49 p/ticket, payable to Newlines Seafood Company
RSVP to reserve your seat: 516-395-0121

*Your attendance does not guarantee you a reading.